Team George T-Shirt
Team George T-Shirt
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Team George T-Shirt

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  • Unisex Sizing
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  • 100% Ringspun Cotton

Unfortunately George finds himself in the fight against cancer again. Let’s support this family by purchasing a t shirt to help fund medical bills and to show our support of child hood cancer!

George is an amazing 8 year old little fighter with a positive attitude and a spirit that never gives up! He has a big heart, is a hard worker and a great friend!

About 2 weeks before Christmas 2019 George (6 years old) had a bump begin to grow underneath his bottom left eye. After seeking treatment and answers for several weeks, the family ended up at Children’s Mercy in downtown Kansas City. George had orbital surgery to remove the growth and relieve the pressure on his eye. While in surgery, the initial pathology of the tissue indicated cancer. Eighty percent of the tumor was removed safely without any damage to his eye or vision. However, due to the location near the optical nerve it was not able to be removed entirely.

Pathology returned with the diagnosis that George had a Rhabdomyosarcoma...Rhabdo for short. It is a soft tissue cancer. Fortunately, the location of the cancer allowed it to reveal itself quickly and chemotherapy was started right away to shrink the tumor. In addition to chemotherapy, The whole family packed up in April 2020 for proton radiation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

As you can imagine, this was not only very stressful for George and his family, but financially overwhelming, as well. George's father, Jason, is self-employed and his mother, Linda, is a homemaker and taking care of George on a full time basis. George has an amazing older brother, Jack and sister, Reagan. They are balancing school and supporting their brother like rockstars!

George's chemotherapy continued through his time at the Mayo receiving Proton Radiation Therapy. In addition to the medical costs, there was lodging and travel expenses...gas and food. This is all on top of trying to keep life as normal as possible for George's siblings and allowing his father to be able to keep his business going AND traveling with/caring for George when possible.

George and his family returned from the Mayo Clinic on June 4th and were greeted by a car parade filled with familiar faces from all facets of their lives!

George finished chemotherapy at Children’s Mercy July 7, 2020. There was great optimism for a favorable outcome!

George began scans every 3 months and all continued to be clear! His 1 year scan on July 9th marked 1 year cancer free.

One week after the good news, 1 year cancer free, Linda, George’s mother, noticed a small bump growing in the exact same spot his tumor first presented itself. She immediately reached out to the Children’s Mercy oncology team and the surgeon. The MRI confirmed there was a growth and surgery was scheduled. Once again the surgeon removed tumor with margins. Unfortunately when pathology returned their were no healthy margins which left George’s family with some tough decisions. With the help of their oncology team at CMH, Mayo doctors and surgeon reaching out to all their contemporaries and mentors they all became familiar with George’s case to offer their professional opinions. Unanimously every one of these Dr’s from across the country recommended a full exoneration of George’s eye orbit and eyelids. While not the path they ever wanted the Langstons had to make this tough life saving decision for George.

August 2021 George underwent a full orbital exenteration. This was a complete removal of his eye, eye lids and surrounding tissue in the orbit.

Additionally, George got a new central port implanted in his upper chest that sits under the skin to access for chemo and draw labs, etc for the next year. He also had a small amount of testicular tissue removed for preservation. His tissue will be cryogenically saved in hopes of producing biological children down the road.

George will start a VDC/IE chemotherapy regimen on August 24. If all goes to plan, he will finish mid June of 2022. His plan will start with chemo administered in the CMH clinic as an outpatient over a full day and a half day for the VDC cycle. Then, the IE cycle will be administered in CMH hospital during a 5 day inpatient stay. He will alternate those cycles every 3 weeks for 42 weeks. His two off weeks in-between require a weekly trips for lab draws.

His eye socket will continue to heal and skin will grow to cover the bones of the orbit. This healing will likely take 6+ months, and is slowed due to his radiation in the area last year.

Very hopeful George will feel well enough to attend school during chemo however, it is not certain at this point. His activity will depend on how his body is tolerating the higher dosages of chemo. He had to hang up the KCSG soccer jersey for this year, but with hope and prayer God willing he will be ready to get back on the pitch this time next year once and for all cured from cancer!

We will continue to share George’s journey and provide updates on his progress as he continues to fight this horrible disease. He is amazing, and continues to astound us with his bravery. Please join George’s page on Facebook called “George Langston - Family & Friends Support”

Please consider donating to help this family as they juggle a new normal and helping George to heal. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!