DTF Cyan Ink - Direct to Film InkBank 💧 5600C

DTF Cyan Ink - Direct to Film InkBank 💧 5600C

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  • Water-based DTF Ink for Epson-based printers and printheads
  • Packaged in 900ML bottles
  • For use in Wide Format printers

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Wide Format Printing: Ideal for Wide Format printers, our DTF inks offer a seamless printing experience for a variety of applications.

Water-Based Formula for Epson-based Printers: Specifically formulated for Epson-based printers and printheads, our water-based DTF inks unlock a new level of printing precision and color vibrancy.

Packaging: Each ink bottle is always full with 900ML sealed from the factory, ensuring you have an ample supply for your creative endeavors.

✨ Broad Compatibility and Performance Excellence: Engineered for compatibility with Epson-based DTF engines such as Epson 1L1800, XP600, 4720, i3200, DX5, DX7, and more, our premium ink sets the gold standard for performance.


Vivid Colors and Matte Finish: Elevate your designs with the brilliance of vibrant colors, unmatched durability, and a smooth matte finish, all achieved effortlessly with our premium DTF ink.

Exceptional Durability and Dependability: Set the benchmark for washability with our ink, ensuring that your printed creations maintain their exceptional quality and longevity over time.

Optimal Viscosity: Bid farewell to printing interruptions and clogs as our DTF ink boasts the perfect viscosity, ensuring a smooth and consistent ink flow throughout your printing process.

Transfer Compatibility: Please note these inks are not compatible with DTG machines and require printing on DTF film (available separately) for effective transfers.

12-Month Shelf Life: Keep your colors vibrant and prints flawless, as our CMYK inks boast a shelf life of 12 months from the manufacture date conveniently printed on the bottom of each bottle.

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